Christa Demment González, MSN, CLEC


I have been cooking professionally for close to two decades in unique kitchens, from ships to islands, from private kitchens to farmers’ markets.  I believe in incorporating delicious small changes to someone’s diet to empower them where they’re at and gently guide them towards better health. The key to this is making healthy food taste delicious!  With a Masters degree in Nutrition from Bastyr University, I practice evidence-based culinary nutrition. I can put the science behind the yum of healthful recipes.  You’ll see recipes here that feed your whole family, are easy to prepare and nutrient dense.  As the site evolves, I’ll include more science-based references and nutrition profiles for each recipe.

Raised by Francophiles and having lived in Central America and the Caribbean, I love to continue to travel through recipes from around the world.

My two young sons are my inspiration and they knock me off my feet on a regular basis, in a good way, mostly!  My husband is my other inspiration, not only his appetite but his optimism and support and entrepreneurial spirit have led me here. 

You’ll see I’m passionate about healthy recipes for the whole family, realistic mom-time and sharing joy in the kitchen.    I believe in creating a community around shared meals and health.

I hope you’ll come back often and find the support you need here!



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