Popping back in, like popcorn

With the encouragement of friends and family, I’m reviving this site. There is plenty going on in the world right now, but a couple of things are strikingly clear to me.

Everyone needs to eat.  Everyone needs connection and support. Lauren+ChristaMarch2020

I got the exciting opportunity to be on a podcast with an old friend, just to talk about food and the environment and connections.  I was so honored! We had so much fun chatting again, like we had done years ago and listening, really listening to each other. The funny thing was that she remembers one of the first times she met me and I made popcorn as a snack for our little group of twenty-somethings to scarf down.  Not just any popcorn, but something of a cross between kettlecorn and caramel corn.  And I do not remember this – at all!!

But food and memories connect, and connect us to each other, and that’s what matters to me.   I promised her the popcorn recipe and to help share the podcast conversation around. It’s short and sweet, I hope you’ll listen to it.


kettlecorn and caramel corn mashup.

And then, I was mortified that I didn’t really have a website to connect these dots… well, I had what I like to call, “a sleeping baby” website. You think you can get so much done while the baby sleeps, but do you get it done? Not really.  It’s also the sleeping baby website because even though it’s sleeping, it’s doing a lot of growing.  I’ve been doing a lot and growing a lot, professionally and personally, and I hope to share that with you here.

For now, I hope you’ll dig up a recipe that makes you think of an old friend, call them up and have a good chat.

Caramel Popcorn Recipe Card

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