Not long ago in my recent personal history, I was a new mom, overwhelmed with emotions towards this little creature I had to care for and trying to juggle all the things I used to love to do with what I now had to do.  Maybe you’re in this same spot and that’s how you landed here.

I’m creating a space for new moms and dads to find resources, really good ones, about feeding your whole family.  From breastfeeding to toddler treats to celebratory meals for the whole family.  And by celebratory, I mean, you made it through the week and didn’t cry in public, unknowingly wear baby poop in public or leak breastmilk in front of strangers!

Lots has changed since those early days, my career path veered dramatically, I cut myself a lot of slack (and you should too!) and I’m combining all those things I love and thought I’d never have time for, into one blog to share with you.

Years of cooking in wild and challenging places (on a boat, on an island, in the woods) and time at a computer screen writing publicity press releases for books are combining to help me write this blog.  In that recent history with a new baby and then another one, I had a lot of trouble breastfeeding and I wanted to help other moms avoid all that.  I became a certified lactation educator and I now spend time in the local hospital with brand new moms and babies, on the hotline answering breastfeeding  questions and pointing them towards the support they need. I want to be able to do that online too, so you can come here any time of day or night (wee hours breastfeeding, right?) and get encouragement, support, ideas and inspiration.

I’m currently taking classes towards my Masters in Nutrition, so I can put the science behind the yum of helpful recipes.  You’ll see recipes here that feed your whole family, are easy to prepare and nutrient dense.  As the site evolves, I hope to include more science-based references and nutrition profiles for each recipe.

My two young sons are my inspiration, ages 2 and 5, and they knock me off my feet on a regular basis, in a good way, mostly!  My husband is my other inspiration, not only his appetite but his optimism and support and entrepreneurial spirit have led me here.

You’ll see I’m passionate about healthy recipes for the whole family, holistic health care, realistic mom-time and ensuring breastfeeding success in whatever form that may take for each individual pair.    I believe in creating a community for this tender stage of life, empowering women and the men who support them, and celebrating the joy in every day.  I hope you’ll come back often and find the support you need here!

stay tuned….


Seven months pregnant with my second! Delighting in finding matching forms in nature. Morro Bay, CA

Seven months pregnant with my second!
Delighting in finding matching forms in nature. Morro Bay, CA

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